After long chats and dozens of mail, there comes a time when you can take your girl out on a date. But how can you ensure that you enjoy her time with you and will be interested in going out again. Well whatever the word be on the street, here are some Online Dating Tips secrets no one will ever tell you. So embrace yourself!

Be yourself

Always be yourself or be prepared to get rejected.  After a few emails and after knowing about your Date Online, it won`t make any sense if all you do is pretend. Express your true nature or things will become difficult in forth coming days. Faking yourself to be someone else only increases the risk of your date rejecting you. But apart from being open, you also need to learn on how to set your boundaries. Being mindful is the key for making a relationship work.

Keep your Fantasies in Control

Perhaps one of the most Important Online Dating Tips, ok you saw your date for the first time in person after exchanging texts and emails, but it doesn’t mean you`ve won her/him over. You still need to do a lot of work. Yes, first date in person is not a victory but instead it’s a test and it counts a lot. So you need to take it seriously.

Learn to Zip it up

Scamming is a big problem in online dating, but along with it. Most of daters don`t/ or prefer not to share their personal information with their dates. This may sound normal at first but it`s not healthy if you are looking for a long term relationship. As it is well said, Trust is the most important element of a relationship. Therefore, you might need to take a bit risk and share some of your personal (not confidential) information.

Be Prepared for Rejection

Bitter but truth, there`s nothing you can do if your date doesn`t find you interesting. Write it down in your Online Dating Tips list, after a first date, if your girl/man doesn`t contact you or prefer not to answer your calls. You better let it go and look for another date. You can never force someone into liking you and even If you did, you can make it last for long. So it would be better for you to get on your way.

Save well for your date

No is saying that you have to become a member of Rich family, but asking your date to contribute covering the expenses is not an ideal thing. Important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Date Online! After exchanging mails and (face the truth) praising yourself. You need to live up your word or else you will end up losing your date.

My word will be saving well before you go to your date. Now I am not saying that you have to pick the most exotic restaurant and order their most expensive item. But try to make things decent. Never ask your girl to open her purse and even if she wants to pay, try to avoid it.