How Much Permission Do You Need to Make a Move?

Permission denied

The idea of “getting permission” in dating has become a hot social topic the last few years. Many women are adamant that they would not allow someone to make a move on them without their explicit consent.

I’m not here to argue for sex without explicit consent.

However, this need for stated permission is being extended to almost every type of flirtatious advance. Want to touch her shoulder while telling a funny story? Better ask first. Want to kiss her at the end of the date? Have to warn her ahead of time. read more

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How to Change Your Life Even When You Think It’s Impossible

Facing impossible change

There’s no denying that some people NEVER seem to change.

You probably know someone who’s been stuck in the same destructive cycle for a long time. They may make small adjustments in their life, but there’s always some critical pattern they can’t break…

Your friend who can’t stop chasing incompatible women just because they’re hot. Your sister who keeps going back to her jerk boyfriend. Your old college roommate who’s still riddled with social anxiety and terrified of talking to new people. Your own uncontrollable temper that has cost you a relationship. read more

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