Picking up Women Online

It may seem that some men pick up women successfully with little effort. You desperately want the inside secrets about their pick-up lines, aftershave or pheromone potions. It is highly unlikely that they are using any of these tricks. They are simply using their own best qualities to appeal to women. You can do it too. They may use some traditional ways to find women or may also go online to try their luck.


Men who succeed with women tend to have interesting lives. They play sport, read the news and belong to a club. They don’t lie in bed all day and head out when the nightclubs open. Women automatically gravitate to men who seem like they might have something to discuss or a story to tell. Make sure your life is exciting enough that women would like to know you better. It also helps if you look decent and clean. No one expects you to be George Clooney suave, but neat clothes and a trendy haircut will add to your appeal.

Social Life

Develop a social life that has nothing to do with picking up women online or traditionally. If you only go out to nightclubs, your interpersonal skills will be extremely limited. Make sure you have a group of platonic female friends. It will help you to interact with women naturally and know what interests them.

Choose the Right Moment

Don’t try to pick up a woman unless you are truly interested. If you have already tried to chat up ten women in a room, your chances are dim. Wait patiently for the right moment to introduce yourself such as when she has been left alone while her friend is on the dance floor. Your chances of success are much slimmer if you approach a woman while she is with a friend or a group.

Be Natural

Stuttering, stammering, and fainting are particularly unmanly and you definitely won’t succeed. On the other hand, a little nervousness or hesitation can be flattering for a woman. It gives her the sense that you truly think she is worthwhile. Men who come across as too brash or confident are likely to be seen as experienced players who aren’t particular about who they pick up. If you have been watching a woman closely, you should be able to make an honest comment about the reason she caught your eye. You could mention her dress, the way she dances or how much she likes to laugh. One good, honest, well-delivered compliment is enough. You don’t want to come across as a creepy guy who has been spying on her all night.

Listen and Talk

You should listen and talk in equal measures. This is the point where your range of interests comes in handy. You need to find a topic which excites you both. Show that you are truly interested by listening to a woman intently and asking questions. Look directly at her and subtly mirror her body language. If she places her hands on the table, so should you. If she leans on one elbow so should you. Do be subtle – there is a fine line between showing interest and being creepy.

Accept that most women aren’t immediately going home with you. However, if you have listened carefully, you should be able to find a way to spend more time with her. If she likes books, maybe you could suggest coffee and browsing at a bookshop the next day. Your suggestion should be simple, match her interests and seem unthreatening. Men who appear to be secure, honest and not too pushy will always have more success in picking up women online or offline. Focus on your personal development and social skills. The women will come to you.