Russian ladies for marriage


Meeting online Russian ladies for marriage can be a fun adventure in finding the woman of your dreams especially if you enjoy the thrill of online dating. While it does have its fun side – the long emails where you exchange stories to get to know each other better, the witty flirtations over hours-long chats or webcam dates, to name a few examples – eventually the practical aspects of pursuing a long distance multi-cultural courtship and marriage will have to be tackled. Once you have fallen in love with each other and decide to get married, the practical aspect of your relationship needs to be given the same attention as the romantic one.

Here are some of the things that you should know about as you prepare for a life with your Russian bride. These might have already crossed your mind before but could have been forgotten amidst the romantic haze of your courtship, so consider this a sort of reminder:

You will most probably have a homesick bride.

While getting married for you means having to adjust to having another person to share your daily life with, this won’t just be the only thing that will preoccupy your wife’s mind during the first few months of your marriage. If your plan involves her leaving Russia to live with you in your country (as most of these arrangements are), she will also have to deal with homesickness and being separated from her loved ones. So, before the big move, both of you should already prepare for this. You can plan how she can communicate regularly to her family back home or set a future date when the two of you can fly back to Russia for a visit.

Not everything about her will be beautiful and sexy.

It is understandable if you have somehow put your Russian girlfriend in a pedestal especially as all the stereotypes about Russian girls are all about their great qualities. If you met her online, most probably it is through one of those sites where Russian ladies for marriage are extolled for their beauty, traditional family values, and other things that men look for in a wife. As you maintain a correspondence with her during your courtship or the time spent dating, you will surely notice a lot more nice things about her that will make you love her more. You have to remember though that nobody is perfect, and that even if you think you know somebody well, there will be a lot more things you will discover about that person when you start living together. Some of those things will not be all good, and you’ll have to decide if these will be something you can live with or if one of you has to change.

There will be expenses.

Even if you have chosen a legitimate Russian ladies for marriage website or dating agency and that you are pretty much sure that your fiancée does not have any ulterior financial intentions for marrying you, there are still some expenses that you have to deal with. Just getting the paperwork done for your wife to enter your country, and not to mention the plane fare, will set you back a few thousand dollars. For some couples, the expenses are split if the woman has her own job and expenses. Be sure to discuss this practical aspect with your Russian girlfriend so you can both prepare for it and to manage expectations as well.
Alex Vidal