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Admittedly, in the dating world, certain nationalities stand out over the rest. Russian ladies belong to this elite group of in demand girls that virtually all guys want to date and eventually get married to. If you are one of those guys who are interested in dating a Russian girl, you might be wondering if these girls are really perfect or is this too good to be true? Let us look into the pros and cons of dating these magnificent creatures.

The good

Say the word “supermodel” and one of the things that come to mind are the physical attributes that are synonymous to the fairer sex from Russia. Speaking of which, these ladies seem to have won the genetic lottery with their nice curves and tall stature. Even those who are not that tall have bodies that are well-proportioned. Put a cute face with pouty lips, small noses, and dreamy eyes on top of that body, it is no wonder that Russian girls are either gracing the runways in the world’s fashion capitals or hamming it up in the movies or magazines as sex symbols.

Not content with their natural good looks, they accentuate it even more by being fashionable and stylish. They know how to dress and present themselves well. Aside from their natural confidence and stylish flair, Russian ladies are also noted to have a positive attitude. They are known to be well-read and intelligent, as well as cultivating street smarts. If you are a guy who wants a trophy wife, this is the kind of girl you’d want to have by your side.

Women from Russia are also famous for how they show the intensity of their desires. They are very sensual and are generally uninhibited when declaring their passions. Just imagine then the fun that you can have if you date a Russian girl. If you meet online, having great and interesting conversations are almost guaranteed. And when you finally meet, all the qualities above will indicate that they will be fun companions as you spend the time to know each other better. Imagine someone who is supermodel-sexy talking to you with an adorably sultry accent, whether you are at a party, traveling together, or even just enjoying a nice dinner at a secluded corner table in a quiet restaurant.

The bad

Take note though that despite all their qualities, Russian ladies are not described as “perfect”. Just like any other lady they have their flaws too. Here are some of their not so fine traits that you should be aware of.

As earlier state, girlfriends and brides from Russia are very much in demand and they know it. Some girls have been known to drop a suitor or a prospective husband if they will not get the things that they want. They love the fine things in life so be prepared to be asked for expensive gifts and luxury goods. Stubborn and strong willed, Russian ladies can indeed exasperate you either from their materialistic demands or arrogance from knowing that they are so desirable.

The conclusion

Enumerating these negative traits should in no way prevent you from searching for the Russian girl of your dreams. It is just best to be aware of these traits, so you’d know how to deal with them. Even better, prevent these traits from surfacing by being a nice gentleman to them so they have no reason to complain.
Alex Vidal

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