dating Asian women

Asian women are very popular in the online dating world. There are so many guys after them it’s stunning. However one shouldn’t forget that these women are from a completely different culture and you need to be aware of many things before you are capable of building a great lasting relationship with these women. This article focuses on why dating Asian women is different from dating Western women. What makes them so attractive?

Here is our selection: dating Asian women

1. You Can Meet New People for Dating

This is somewhat more applicable if you meet the traditional Asian women and offline rather than online. You should know that Asian women don’t typically go out with complete strangers that just march up and introduce themselves. They prefer being set up by a mutual friend. So use some of the common friends you have with some Asian ladies and have them set up great dates.

Blind dates are also a thing with Asian women, however here it is also needed to have a common friend that sets up the date.

2. Shy and Coy

You’ve probably noticed that most Asian women act coyly. They want to show how they are graceful, delicate, very feminine and well composed. Even if some of the time they are out-spoken and perhaps even a bit tactless. These ladies are more reserved than the Western women and that is a really attractive quality for a lot of guys. Some of this shyness may pass because we all are somewhat withdrawn when we meet new people.

3. Asian Parents

This one is very important to know about. In Asia meeting the parents is a very formal situation or even very official. You can bet that the parents will have influence on their daughter’s decision of choosing a partner. You will definitely want to impress them. Behave well, be respectful.

4. The Career Factor

There are those Asian women that are interested in staying home and raising a family and allowing you to chase a career. Then there are the women that are into having a career of their own. You can pick whichever type you are more attracted to. Building a family around the second idea is also possible and having a well educated woman by your side is great.

5. The New Culture

This is hugely fun – getting to know a completely different culture. You will get to celebrate new holidays that are fascinating, learn a new language if you wish, enjoy food you’ve never had before.

These are our five ideas why dating Asian women is really different from dating Western women. You can find more info on cultural differences online.