Russian marriage agency

In this day and age it is not that unusual anymore to see interracial or intercultural couples. Falling in love with someone coming from a different country and culture than yours does have its charm especially for those who are curious and adventurous. With the current proliferation of online dating sites and marriage agencies, the chance of meeting someone from somewhere else can be facilitated without having to leave your country initially. On top of a lot of men’s lists are stunning Russian beauties and if these ladies are to your liking, you will definitely meet a lot of potential partners through a Russian marriage agency.

The lure of the exotic and a taste of adventure may be your motivations for trying out a romantic relationship with someone from another side of the globe that you have not met in person yet. However, do not expect that the girls you meet will have the same motivations as well. Yes, there are girls who are genuinely interested in meeting men from other countries so they join up with these agencies to see if they would click. You have to be realistic though and accept the fact that there are likely more girls who look for a foreign husband, preferably a Westerner, via a Russian marriage agency for more practical reasons.

A taste of a better life

If you have heard a lot of people say that Russian women are marrying foreign men just to escape from poverty, there is a semblance of truth to this perception. While Russia now may seem to be better off than it was decades ago, the disparity between the rich and the poor remains very wide. First world countries do have their share of people living in poverty but unlike in Russia, average people in first world or developed countries have a higher chance of moving up from their current social and economic bracket.

More opportunities for women

Women moving up to a higher economic status is also perceived to be easier in more developed countries than in Russia. What seems to be the norm for the average working woman in the West such as having her own car, a well-paying job, and living away from her parents is much harder to achieve in Russia especially for girls who are in small, provincial cities belonging to families that are not well-connected. Ambitious and talented Russian women would not want their talent go to waste by being stuck in the province doing household chores the whole day.

Gender equality

It is not just the taste of a better life that the average Russian woman wants to have a taste of. Better gender equality in the West is also another factor. It is perceived that Western men are more willing to help out in responsibilities at home such as taking care of children and doing their share in housework.

All these reasons will surely make you think that what these girls are really seeking for is a marriage of convenience. Thus, as you navigate the intricacies of finding a partner via a Russian marriage agency, it is best that you look for indications that the girl you like is at least physically attracted to you. Women do fall in love easily, and romantic feelings can blossom over time even if she was in the relationship for more practical reasons in the beginning.


Alex Vidal