russian dating siteImagine for a moment the list of ideal qualities you want to find in a woman. Then, imagine that you finally found someone through a Russian dating site that has most, if not all, of those qualities.

As you celebrate and feel that special kind of elation from finding someone that can be a potential partner, some of your friends, would remark what if the girl is a scammer?

While it is not that probable, it is not entirely impossible either. Why else would there be reports of girls scamming men out of their money online or using them for whatever reason?

Take note however, that this is not a feature exclusive to online dating with Russian women, or even with online dating in general for that matter. Dating, whether you met initially online or in person, whether the girl is a Russian or of another nationality, is essentially a hit or miss thing. You have to know how to dodge the emotional landmines that would set to explode once you start getting attached to someone and later on realise that you’ve just been lied to.

It does not matter if you are using a free Russian dating site or one that charges a membership fee to those who wish to use their services. Whether it is a free site or not, there is really no sure way that you will be 100% shielded from scammers. Some sites have taken action though and do some screening on their members, which means that there is some sort of degree of safety from unsavoury characters out there to take advantage of other people’s emotional attachment.

In the end though, whether the dating site you have joined provides this service or not, you still have to rely on yourself and use your best judgment when communicating with the girls and choosing your dates. To start with, you must always read someone’s profile thoroughly before engaging in any sort of communication. Be on the lookout for red flags and scrutinise it for inconsistencies.

Once you start chatting or exchanging emails, keep what you learned at the back of your mind and continue to cross check with what you remember if what she say not is consistent with what she said before and what is on her profile. Far from suggesting that you become paranoid, you just have to be on the lookout and take things that other people say with a grain of salt. In this regard, it is wise to keep a record of all correspondence. Never delete an email or a chat exchange.

The webcam is your best friend when getting to know your prospective girlfriends or brides from a Russian dating site. After a few days of emails and chats, request for a video chat if you haven’t done so during the first time you met. This is a great chance to see if the photos and text matches the person who is talking and looking at you from the other side of the web camera.

Basically, this boils down to your ability to get to know the person you are dating well. In this case, it is always best not to rush into any quick decisions especially if it is a request from the girl to send money for whatever reason.
Alex Vidal