Russian dating tours are designed for men and women who haven’t been able to connect with someone online and who need that something extra in a relationship. It’s not always easy feel a true connection if you’re only communicating through emails, text messages, phone calls or live chat as the foundation of every relationship is physical connection. This could be the reason why russian dating services are becoming more and more popular these days.

One of the newest services that many dating agencies are offering are so called Russian dating tours which are organised in different parts of Russia. Some of the cities that are most often visited include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Novograd, however, other towns can be visited upon request.

Russian Dating Tours

The price of any given dating tour depends on the package that you have chosen. There are two different types of deals available – group tours and individual events. The aim on every agency is to give you time to meet as many single ladies possible in a set time frame. Group tours include a number of men who will all meet the ladies together. There’s no need to be afraid of the competition because there will still be more women than men and all ladies are carefully chosen to match each and every participant’s expectations. The tour provider is also responsible for organising social events and parties for all the singles to meet.

Group tours usually take place in public places such as exclusive restaurants, bars or nightclubs. Should you require assistance with translating, the organisers provide a service of interpreters who will be in charge of eliminating any language barriers that may come up. Since the ladies know that they are being “interviewed”, it will make the dates a lot less awkward and there is no need to fear rejection.

After about fifteen minutes a man will be able to say whether he feels a connection with someone or not. Should you need more privacy, ask your tour provider to set up individual dates for you. These are a lot more flexible as they allow you to choose the place you’d like the date to happen. Since you’ll be meeting with a number of women on the same day, each date will have a set time limit.

After you’ve chosen the lady you would like to continue seeing online, the company will explain the situation to other ladies. If you opt for an individual tour, be prepared to pay more, since you get an individual service and all attention is focused on you. The ladies will also be solely focused on you so you’ll be able to get to know them better. If finding your best match is for you, then attending Russian dating tours is just perfect for you!

Alex Vidal