One can find tons of different services in Russia specializing in helping single people find love. Call it how you want – East West match agency, dating agency, dating service, there’s no doubt you will find the service that you deserve. More than ever, the Russian foreign dating scene is booming and growing so much that there are special tour packages that offer a sort of set up date or occasion for potential partners to meet. These are known as Russian Romance Tours.

Russian Romance ToursIn case you have not been in the European dating world for too long, you might think that this is not really possible. Flying thousands of miles all the way to Russia, taking tours, seeing the sights, and meeting ladies simultaneously might sound a little bit crazy for some. This sounds like a lot of trouble and way more expensive than dating ladies on the internet. This certainly is true, but there are thousands of men from Europe and America happy to go a step further to find charming ladies through these tours.

#1. Length of the Tour/What’s Included

The price of the tour normally covers most of the expenses – flight tickets, airport transfers, hotel, translating services, etc. Companies try to do their best in supplying you anything you need so when you are on the Romance Tour, all you have to do is focus on dating the beautiful women. The duration of each tour varies but the goal of all the companies is for you to get a good experience and feel like you’re not being rushed, so normally, you’ll find that the Russian romance tours continue 7 days or more.

#2. Popular Locations

Russia is a well-known country among tourists who travel there to see the historical sights and beautiful scenery. Volgograd, Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow are among the cities where many Russian romance tours have been held. These locations are chosen because of their scenic spots, soiree destinations and, needless to say, the number of stunning local girls in the city.

#3. Costs

Different agencies offer different services and activities, so there’s no set value for the tours. Expect that the prices range from $2,000-$5,000. No need to worry though, some agencies offer special discounts, like the early bird payment, etc. Most clients of the dating companies are from the United States, nevertheless there are some non-US clients too. In cases like this, the client can purchase a “land only” package that includes everything but the airfare. Aside from the inclusions mentioned above (transfers, activities, accommodation, etc), the prices might also include promotions like membership deals or credits for the company’s website or service. You never know, if you get lucky, they might even help with the processing of a spouse visa.

#4. Finding the best Russian Romance Tour option

Picking a romance tour package is not any different from choosing your vacation deal. You might want to ask questions like:

-What experience am I expecting from this tour?
-Which tour has the best reviews?
-Which tour package is not too expensive for me?

When choosing a package, think of what you’re going there for first. This will help you make the right choice. Ask about everything that may be important for you – the meals they’re serving, the type of your accommodation, what are the activities about, etc. Remember, your goal is to find the love of your life, but also to enjoy yourself.

Alex Vidal