Russian women dating site


Finding Russian women on dating sites is not that difficult. With the number of these sites specializing on women from Eastern Europe, there are seemingly a lot of these women available for dating or marriage. Attracting them and making them pay attention to you versus all the other men vying for their attention is another matter altogether. If you want to be successful in finding a girlfriend or a bride among the various available Russian women dating site success can be determined by doing the things that matter.

Your profile matters.

The two main things that make up an eye catching profile are an engaging description and flattering photos. Highlight your good qualities and only add to your profile description those that you know are what women look for in a partner. However, you should not lie or exaggerate. If you are not an overly romantic guy who prefers bonding through physical exercises like mountain climbing instead of candlelit dinners, say so. There are girls who would also prefer the same thing. Misrepresenting who you really are and what you want for a girl to be will cause problems later on because she will be expecting somebody else when you two finally meet. Use clear photos that present your most flattering angle and refrain from drunken photos or photos with nudity.

Your attitude matters.

Be a gentleman. When you meet and chat with Russian women dating site etiquette must be adhered to. This is particularly important when you have just started chatting and establishing a connection. It is always in your best interest to use a friendly yet respectful tone. Only when you have attained a certain degree of friendship can you start being familiar with your tone and joke around. Nevertheless, don’t ever tell racial, sexual, and other offensive jokes.

Communication matters.

The stigma of being stereotyped as mail order brides have made Russian women wary of men who they think are only interested in sex. Once you have found a girl that could be “The One”, you must communicate that you are interested in having a wife and not just a sex partner. Do this by getting to know her interests and her family background. Knowing more about her culture, language, and country will also show how serious you are. Share your plans for the future as well as inquire about hers. If there are misunderstandings during your correspondence, and there will be especially if she is not that fluent in English, clear them out immediately.

Not rushing into things matters.

Although there is no standard amount of time that says when people should get married after knowing each other, in general waiting for a few months or even more than a year is more prudent than rushing into things after knowing each other for just a few weeks. Getting married is a decision that is as much of the mind as of the heart. Do not rush into meeting someone in person until after you have established that you are equally interested in each other. After meeting in person, do not rush into making marriage plans unless you are very sure that she is after the same thing. On top of that you must also find out for sure if you are the only person she is dating. With a lot of men interested in Russian women dating site scams are known to happen.


Alex Vidal