Marriage in Russia

Russian weddings are fun to watch. In the past, Russian weddings used to be very traditional and conventional. They were filled with customs and traditions. This is however, not the case anymore. The Russian weddings have now modernized a lot and the fun part has enhanced. The level of celebrations of a Russian wedding depends on the financial position of the family that is conducting the ceremony. The rich families celebrate the wedding ceremonies in full fervor. Their weddings consist of many parties and fun filled events. The families who are not financially stable also celebrate weddings in a fun way but those celebrations are not too grand.

 Marriage in Russia & Christian Wedding Rituals

Some Russian couples tend to adopt the Western way. Rather than getting married with a customary Russian manner, they prefer getting married with the Christian wedding rituals. These weddings contain the wedding vows, the priest, the bride’s maids and the best man. The typical Russian weddings however, are opposite. Neither do they contain bride’s maids nor do they involve a best man. The typical Russian wedding starts with an official registration of getting married. For this, the couple needs to submit an application prior to the wedding date. The application is submitted to a registry office.

The Marriage Certificate

A certificate for marriage in Russia is provided to the couple on the day of marriage. This certificate announces them husband and wife. The wedding ceremony starts after the certificate is issued to the couple. They go to the church where their relatives and guests are already waiting for them. They meet the priest in the church. This is the only ritual that is performed on the wedding day and nothing is done after that.

The Celebrations

The next day, the groom and bride need to get dressed up in the traditional manner. The groom presents a ring to the bride. The ring acts as a sign of commitment and loyalty. This is a special kind of ring that is made up of either platinum or gold depending on the financial condition of the groom. Special kinds of stones are attached on the ring that depicts different meanings. Celebrations start after the bride accepts the ring from the groom and wears it in her wedding finger. The photographer captures the wedding ceremony and guests love to dance and perform. Toasts are raised and blessings are showered on the newly wedded couple.