sexy Russian woman

She wears high heels, shorts skirts, and looks at you very seductively during your webcam dates. In a few days, the two of you will meet in person for the first time and it is but natural for you to wonder if the sexy Russian woman you have been dating online will be good in bed. If you have been on the dating scene for quite some time, you are by now familiar with the enigma of how a girl who looks sexy would end up to be quite incompatible with you in bed. Or worse, her passion is at arctic levels when you hit the sheets. Knowing by now that the sexy packaging doesn’t necessarily mean great actual sex, you might be wondering if there is some way of knowing if a girl can be passionate in bed by just noticing some of her behavior. Here are some of those signs.

She knows when to take the lead.

A sexy Russian woman who answers passively when you ask a question will more likely be inhibited when it comes to sex, whereas that ordinary looking chick who answers even mundane questions with assertiveness will most likely be compatible with you in bed. Good lovers know what gives them pleasure and this saves their partners from doing a lot of guesswork. So, if your girl knows what she wants in most things, she will most likely know what she wants in bed and won’t be shy to show you.

She somewhat mirrors your speech patterns.

After the weeks or months of correspondence and webcam dates, you and your Russian girlfriend would already be familiar with each other’s speech patterns. In fact, when you are together you would tend to mirror each other’s verbal behavior. This is what psychologists call a manifestation of compatibility by being in sync with the other because both of them are in tune to what the other is saying verbally or non-verbally. So, if you notice that you and your girl have this thing going on where you somehow talk alike when together or finish each other’s sentences, there is a high chance of this indicating similar compatibility when in the bedroom.

She is passionate about food.

With the prevalent attitude nowadays of women when it comes to food, it seems like many have forgotten that one’s relationship with food is actually up there with one’s relationship with the body. Both eating and sex are bodily pleasures and sometimes a girl’s attitude towards sex can be gleaned by her eating habits. For example, those who are sensuous eaters who savor all the flavors from the food they’re eating are known to be more in tune with their bodies as well and make love like they eat. They savor the act and enjoy every moment of physical intimacy with their partners.

She likes to dance.

Finally, if the sexy Russian woman you’re dating likes to dance, then it would be all but guaranteed that she likes to sweat it out in the sheets as well. Girls who like to dance are often self-confident and uninhibited. They like to get physical and sweat out their energy. So if you already know by now that your lady loves dancing, you bet your lucky stars that she’ll bring that energy when you hit the bed.


Alex Vidal