The world of online dating is a complicated and cutthroat place, and there is little room for mistakes or second chances. One wrong foot and you will be cast back out into the electronic stratosphere of singledom, and you will be unlikely to get another opportunity with her. So what is the best way to approach a woman online? What should you be sure to say and what should you be sure to avoid? Read on to find site

Use Her Name When You Address Her

There is nothing more offputting than opening your conversation with “hey baby” or something similar. It is likely that she will have received 100s of messages like this so be sure to make yours stand out by using her name. Also, it reassures her that you have not just copied and pasted the same message to an infinite amount of other women.

Avoid Mentioning Sex

Jumping in at the deep end and bringing up sex in your opening line is rude, offensive and invasive. No woman wants to be thought of as purely an object so keep your conversation clean and get to know her for her personality, not just her body.

Tell Her Something About Yourself

Give her a bit of information about yourself; she doesn’t need to know your shoe size or how much money you earn but instead tell her about one of your hobbies or interests. Try to avoid cliches and think of something interesting and genuine that could spark a conversation.

Ask Her About Herself

Don’t just bombard her with information about yourself, be sure to ask about her interests or her opinion on something you have said. Not only will she know that you are interested in getting to know her but it will open a two-way conversation where you can get to know each other better.

Avoid Cheesy Chat Up Lines

There is nothing worse than a corny line when it comes to starting a conversation in online dating. Some women may find it humorous, but unless you want to avoid becoming a laughing stock between her and her friends, it is best to err on the side of caution and stick to adult and respectful conversation.