Keep women in Russia interested with these tips

Maybe you’ve met some beautiful women in Russia on an online dating site you’ve been visiting. You’ve emailed a few of them and everything seemed to be going fine, then suddenly, you don’t hear from them again and naturally you’re asking yourself why.

It’s not difficult making a mistake, especially if you’re new to online dating. You might not even know that you’re doing something wrong, but she thinks you’re a fool, because you keep making the same mistake over and over. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do if want to be successful in international dating.

Women in Russia

1. Bringing up sensitive topics too early in the relationship

If you’ve been in the online dating world for a while, you’ve probably noticed that there are thousands of gorgeous women in Russia looking for love online. It’s only natural that some men want to try to establish a more personal and intimate relationship with some of the ladies as soon as possible. However, talking about heavy subjects like marriage and physical intimacy is not the way to achieve this. A dating process has to happen first. It’s important to get to know your cyber partner properly before approaching any topics like this. Bringing them up too soon will just scare a woman away.

2. Asking where she is all the time

It’s not impossible these days to figure out what someone is up to. Just because it is simple, doesn’t mean that it’s not creepy. If your Russian woman finds out that you’ve been spying on her and that you know exactly what she’s up to, she could think that you’re stalking her.

3. Texting/emailing her all day long

Just because your partner hasn’t answered your latest email yet doesn’t mean that you need to keep texting her until she finally does. There could be a reason why she’s not answering you. Maybe her day’s been so busy at work that she hasn’t had the time to read her personal email yet? Maybe she doesn’t have access to the web? Sending her letter after letter will make you look needy and impatient.

4. Bothering a woman who is clearly not interested in you

Russian ladies are great at saying things which may appear a little bit aggressive. If you send her a long letter with multiple pages and she replies with one line, that should be enough to make you understand that she’s not interested in your. If a woman is intrigued by you, you’ll know!

5. Talking about past relationships too frequently

Yet another great way to make a woman lose interest is to constantly talk about your previous relationships. If you say good things about your ex-partner, it may leave the impression that you’re still not over her. If you say bad things about her, it may make your online partner wonder whether you could be saying negative things about her too. The best thing to do is to not discuss your past too often.

We all make mistakes every once in a while and simply because one woman didn’t want to continue communicating with you doesn’t mean that your perfect match is not out there. Just adhere to the advice above when talking to Russian women online and no matter what, be a gentleman.

Alex Vidal