international long distance relationships

A lot of people meet their significant others through international online dating sites. Usually, international long distance relationships start with an attraction that leads to the initial chat greeting. Then, regular emails and video calls are arranged where both parties get to know each other better. Somehow you both find that things are getting serious and you start to make plans for a future together.

However, meeting in person can take a while to happen especially if you have to make a lot of arrangements to get to her country. Or that it could take some time to prepare the paperwork for her to visit and stay in your country. Thus, you have no choice but to bear with having a long distance relationship for the meantime. International long distance relationships have their own sets of challenges but are not impossible to sustain. Here are some tips to help you survive a long distance relationship.


International long distance relationships take a lot of work and entail sacrifices from both parties. These are the truths that you both have to accept so you can move on and make the relationship thrive in spite of not being at the same place. Speaking of which, accepting the lack of physical contact is also a must. Acceptance of all these things is a key in committing to the relationship and making the most out of the situation.

Online communication

In any relationship, communication is an important factor, even more so in one where the partners are in different geographical locations. Technology has made this quite easy now as there are a number of inexpensive ways to keep in touch online such as chatting, emailing, and video calls. You just have to coordinate your schedules especially with the time difference so that you can both freely talk without having to worry about the time.

Keeping in touch the old school way

One frustration of international long distance relationships is the absence of physical contact. You can actually make this more bearable by sending letters and parcels through snail mail. You can send some trinkets that she might like, or even just a short note if you are not into writing long letters. Even if it will take a few days before she receives your letter or parcel, the fact that she will be holding in her hands something that you have touched a few days ago can be the closest thing to having physical contact for now.

Doing things together

Even if you are away from each other, it is still possible to do things together just in a different way. For example, you can watch a movie on the same day, and then talk about it when you’re both online. If you are both into books, you can read the same book then have a discussion after every chapter. Some couples also watch TV shows and movies online together to instill the feeling of nearness even if physically apart.

Do your own thing

Doing your own thing will also make the waiting more bearable. Don’t forget your hobbies or interests and the same should go with her. Having individual interests will give you things to talk about aside from dwelling on how you miss each other and becoming miserable about it. As international long distance relationships are not permanent, not neglecting each of your own personal lives will prepare both of you for the time when you are finally together.
Alex Vidal