Since Russian girls are very well known for their charm and beauty, many Western men have decided to try online dating, hoping to meet the perfect woman for them, their perfect Anastasia or Nikita. When it comes to Russian dating, be it online or offline, there are several things that you should remember. Russian girls who are bred and born in Russia feel more loved if you date them according to their customs, likes and preferences.

If you’re planning to date a Russian lady online, it’s absolutely vital that you are always honest when it comes to your identity and interests. Once you’ve chosen your dream girl from the profiles of the numerous Russian singles available on the dating website, you should email her revealing your fascination with her. If she answers and you find her to have the same feelings as you, you should be able to move your relationship further.

Do not enjoy an online romance for too long, since it’s useless dreaming without ever talking to the real Russian lady. Nowadays, technology provides many means to get in touch with people living in foreign countries. Most people have a smartphone or a laptop with internet access. If you met her on the net on a Russian dating site, you could ask her if she is ready to speak to you through video conferencing. If you’re sure you want to see her in real life, try to get her mobile phone number, so you could call her and get to know her first. If for reasons unknown, your chosen girl says she can’t talk on the video chat or doesn’t own a phone, that should be a sign. The lady is either not real or not serious about you.


When dating Russian women on the internet, it is essential that you move your relationship to the offline world as soon as possible, so that there isn’t any probability for any scam or deception. Many men are afraid of getting real with the Russian woman they have been dating. They send hundreds and hundreds of messages, but do nothing to move their romance further. Then again, some guys can’t stand the idea of wasting time on planning and can’t wait to move on as quickly as possible. If you approach her quickly and sensibly, she’ll respect you for the gesture, and she will know that you’re really serious about making this romance grow and survive. Nowadays, it’s never been easier to be in touch with people who live in a different country, so be sure to use this to your advantage!

From the time you first get in touch with her, you can consider that you are now courting a Russian lady in real life. If you have been in contact with your woman often, it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up a date. You should ask your girl how she would prefer to meet for the first time. Most Russian girls want men to come to their country. However, you could also book a holiday for two rather than take a trip to Russia. Don’t take too long planning your first real date with your girl. If you feel like you are getting along well, there’s no harm in asking for a personal meeting. It’s sure that she’ll only think it’s lovely.

Alex Vidal