travelling in Russia

Are you interested in winter travelling in Russia? In order to have an enjoyable time you need to be well prepared. We have put together an article with 6 great tips to make your trip great. Find out what you need to know here. As you hopefully know – winter is not something to be taken lightly in Russia. You need to be prepared for the temperature dropping, all the travel hassles that may come up and a whole lot more.

1. Bring an electric converter.

travelling in RussiaBringing your own converter may sound strange to you but it must be mentioned. Most of the time people assume that it isn’t necessary and spend several nights freezing and deeply regretting their decision not to bring one.

2. Tiny packets of tissue.

They will come handy in case of sudden nature calls. These packets are also useful when the cold gets to be too much – you get a runny nose ans so forth. Small packets of tissues are a must when winter travelling anywhere. Especially if you are prone to any allergies.

3. Exctra copies of your passport and visa.

This is definitely one of the most important tips we have for you. When travelling through a foreign country you want to have copies with you. Losing important stuff hapens to everyone and it is better to be safe than sorry. Also they could get wet and crumbled and so on. If you’ve travelled a lot before then you probably know that this can well happen.

4. Face cream or milk.

Face cream or milk is an absolute must when travelling in below zero temperature. You will be eternally grateful if you bring it. Exposing your skin to the icy winds of Russia will make it very irritated and dry. The best idea is to buy these creams from countries that experiene very low temperatures in the winter. Sweden and Norway work.

5. Paperback books for flight delays.

Winter travelling anywhere can be problematic because of flight delays and any other transportation delays. A good book will keep you occupied while you sit around and wait.


These tips for winter travelling in Russia will make your trip a lot easier. Do more research online and enjoy your time.