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For many guys, dating can be a precarious predicament that is sometimes highlighted with blunders and embarrassing moments. Perhaps more so can be said when dating Russian women especially for guys who find themselves kind of socially awkward. However, this shouldn’t be the case as dating isn’t even supposed to be rocket science. There is not much difference when you date a Russian girl compared with those of other nationalities.

Just Relax When Dating Russian Women And Keep This In Mind

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you date a Russian lady, which are things that you probably already know but have quite forgotten due to anxiety over your date.

Flattery Will Get You Anywhere

One quality Russian women have is that they like to be flattered or complimented. The key to doing this successfully is to keep it real. When you dish out compliments, you have to strike that balance between plainly stating the obvious and going overboard. Russian women are very confident and are aware of their attractiveness. Thus, it will be nothing new to them if you compliment them outright on their beauty. A lot of guys have already told her the same thing before you. What you need to learn is how to tell her how striking her beauty is to you in a more creative manner or using more clever words.

You don’t have to go overboard though. You will sound phony and for the rest of the date your conversation will be awkward and stilted. Be sincere and show interest in getting to know more of her personality and life story, as much as she is willing to divulge. Respond appropriately to her stories, and give the appropriate compliment. To have that mix of light and serious moments during the date, learn when to tease her or make a joke.

She’s More Than Just A Russian Woman

Dating Russian women has been such a cliché nowadays because of their desirability and attractiveness. Thus, a lot of men from all over the world are so into wanting to experience how dating is them like. If you show so much interest in the fact that you are dating a Russian woman and not a girl who happens to be Russian, you will make her feel like some part of a dating statistic. You will run the risk of being perceived as someone who will date anyone just as long as she is Russian. Remember that women want to be appreciated for their whole being or nature as a person, and not because they are the current exotic prize of the dating world.

So, after the initial stages where you ask each other questions about your country and culture, make sure to show an interest in other areas of her life. Her job, family, hobbies, favorite sports – the list of things that make up the Russian girl you are dating is long and goes beyond plainly being from Russia. In this light, it would be wise to refrain from enumerating how many Russian girlfriends you’ve had in the past because this will just give the impression that she is only the latest in the long line of girls from Russia you’ve dated.

Token Of Appreciation

Some guys who are dating Russian women find as well that gifts are very much appreciated. Trinkets, a book of a favorite author, and other tokens that show you like her are recommended. When online dating, don’t make the mistake of sending money especially if you don’t know her that well yet.

And that’s about all of the basics. It wasn’t so hard after all, see. For more advice like this, visit the rest of our blog.