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With online dating and dating agencies, it has become not just possible but quite easy to meet and date Russian women and women from other parts of the world. Exotic beauties are literally within your reach and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home at first. It has been noticed though that there is a high percentage of Western men who prefer to date  Russian women as well as those from the former Soviet Union compared to ladies from other countries. Here are the top reasons that make Russian ladies stand out and generally be the top pick of men looking for girlfriends or wives.

It’s Best To Date Russian Women And Here’s Why

It is quite a known thing that you would be hard-pressed to find a Russian woman who is not physically attractive. On top of that, they don’t just leave things at being naturally beautiful. Russian women even do what it takes to accentuate and improve their natural gifts. Thus, most of them would prefer healthy food instead of fast food to maintain their figures. Russian girls are also known to be fond of makeup, using it to make her look more attractive to her man. For them, improving their looks through makeup is worth the extra expense. Men who like their women to take the effort to look good will really appreciate this trait. Unlike some women who let their looks go once they get into a relationship, Russian women won’t.

Another reason why men would like to date Russian women is that for the Russian ladies, getting married is a goal and not an option. Unlike Western women who prefer to focus on their careers first, most of the women from Russia consider building a family life with their husbands and taking care of their children a measure of success. As a result, men who feel that this is now the right time in their lives to get married would naturally seek out a woman who is after the same thing. They will not waste their time wooing a girl and dating her just to find out in the end that she is not really ready to get married.

Due to the general economic hardships that women in Russia go through, especially if they come from provincial areas, they have this natural tendency to be a survivor. They are mentally and emotionally tough and have this attitude to not back out from a challenge. These characteristics would make a Russian woman worthy of being a partner to any man. Oftentimes Russian women have this reputation of being submissive women, but the reality is that they defer to their husbands because they see the value in handling control over to the men in terms of making decision for the family. That being said, when problems happen, Russian women do their own share in finding solutions and generally making relationships work. If you’re a guy who believes in working things out first instead of giving up and thinking of divorce right away, you will be better off with a Russian girlfriend or wife.

Despite this seeming toughness when it comes to protecting their relationships and family, Russian women still remain romantics. A Russian woman sees the value in having a boyfriend or husband that they can shower with affection, attention, and love. No wonder then that a lot of men would want to date Russian women.