Russian women are very popular when it comes to online dating, and there are many men interested in making one their girlfriend. Because there are so many guys like this, they form several groups with certain attributes that describe them. This article is all about the topic of what are the men like who are looking to date Russian women. Here is the list:

1. “The Flash”

Russian womenAs the name suggests, this is a person who moves very fast in online dating. They sign up with a portal like this because they are after short term fun. A one night stand or something that lasts for about a week. As soon as they see the picture of an attractive woman, they send her a message. The Funny thing is that the messages that these ladies get are practically identical. It is always something like: “Hey, pretty! Want to get together?”.

2. The Fake Profile Guy

Since the Internet is anonymous – a person can be whoever they want to be. It often happens that people pretend to be something they are not and it often happens in online dating. The Fake Profile Guy is someone who makes up the education, the job, the hobbies they have in order to impress the reader of the profile. A better term for someone like this would be “catfish”. Sometimes they may have ulterior motives – such as scamming the women.

3. The Confused Guy

This is the typical American guy who doesn’t know anything about Russia but is set on dating Russian women. They think Moscow is the only relevant thing about Russia and whoever isn’t from there is a country girl. Suffice to say that their attitude doesn’t work in their favour and getting a Russian girlfriend doesn’t go so smoothly for this kind of a guy.

4. “Mister Adorable”

The approach of this type is obvious – they are set on being the nice guy. The use online dating services to send women gifts and flowers. They are very thoughtful and considerate. They learn as much as they can about the culture and local traditions. They do what they can to impress the ladies.


Because these are the most common types that are looking to date Russian women – you want to stand out from the rest. Your profile needs to be 100% honest because sooner or later the truth will come out. You want to be clear about what you are after. Do research beforehand and don’t overdo it with the sweetness. Follow these tips and you should do great.