Russian women

This title can be a little misleading. It may leave an impression that there is something wrong with these ladies and you should watch out when dating them. What we mean here is that there are some types that you want to avoid and in general you can find women like this in all countries. We are being specific about Russian women because the majority of men are interested in dating precisely the women from Russia.

1. Avoid the Gold Digger

Russian womenIn an online setting it is quite simple to detect a gold digger. She (provided that she is indeed a she) will ask you for money sooner or later. Here you need to remember the number one rule of online dating – do not send any person money. No matter how truthful the story seems. Remember that scammers are incredibly good at deception and can make you believe any story.
If you are asked for money – report that person to the customer support team.

In an offline setting detecting a scammer is a bit harder. Especially if you are dating Russian women. It is customary in the Russian culture to give people small gifts for many different occasions so if notice that your Russian date seems to expect them then realize that it is normal. If you come across someone who is constantly expecting expensive gifts from you – then you may be dealing with a scammer.

2. Avoid the Dependant Type

In both online and offline setting these women are the kind that seem to need advice 24/7. It feels like they are incapable of making a decision themselves and constantly need your support for everything. They also view dating like going to a shrink – the complaining just goes on and on and on.
If you notice that you are talking to a woman that is far too clingy – move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

3. Avoid the Party Girl

Online and offline these women are not interested in a long term serious relationship. They are usually younger and looking for someone who can party as much as them. They are likely dating to find a sponsor who can take care of maintaining the lifestyle they are used to. If you happen to be interested in a short term relationship then this will be a lot of fun for you. Usually people who are into online dating are actually looking for a lifetime partner.

Have You Noticed Any?

When you get into dating Russian women, look around for these types so you can steer clear of them. Good luck with your dating life and return soon for more Russian dating tips.