Marriage in Russia

When you read the title of this article you may think that we are implying that there is something very wrong with Russian women. What we mean is that there are certain types of people who you wouldn’t want to end up in a relationship with. Many men from Western countries are looking to date Russian women and therefore it is important to know which women they should avoid. Here is a small detailed list:

Avoid the Gold Digger

Online: A gold digger is easy to spot online. She(provided that she is indeed a woman) will ask you for money sooner or later. Remember the most important rule of online dating – under no circumstances should you be sending money to someone you’ve met online. When someone asks you for money, contact the customer staff on the dating portal and report it. Dating sites are not going to be gentle with scammers.

Offline: Spotting a gold digger offline can be more difficult. For one thing, cultures are very different with gift giving. For example, giving presents in Russia is very common and some Marriage in Russiapeople unaware of this may think it’s a gold digger situation. You’ll be happy to learn that Russian ladies appreciate any kind of gift and they don’t need to be extravagant.

Avoiding Ms. Dependent

Online: By Ms. Dependent we mean a woman who is constantly asking for help with something. She wants you to listen to all her problems, no matter how small they are and she is always seeking advice from you. She is indecisive and that may sound somewhat harmless but it will definitely get very tiring in the long run. Remember that this is online dating not a session at the psychologists office.

Offline: Since Russia still has some gender roles in place, Russian women are seen as dependent. That is true but only to some extent. Russian women have their own ambitions for their future(aside from the life she builds with you). If you meet someone who has the opposite personality then that spells trouble. If you start feeling like you’re in a relationship that is the least bit suffocating then you need to end it.

Avoiding Party Girls

Online and offline: In both settings the party girl is someone who isn’t interested in a serious relationship. She is most likely casually dating and looking for something short term. Typically she is very young and rather vain. When this type looks for someone older then it’s possible she is looking for a guy that can help her maintain her lifestyle. If you are looking for something easygoing and short term then go for it but if you are like most guys – searching for a life partner then avoid this type.

Have noticed any of them?

You can find plenty of these ladies online and offline and it is up to you to be smart enough to notice them. It is also important that you keep your guard up and won’t let suspicious people in. With all this said, there are still plenty of good Russian women out there. Be patient and you will find someone who is genuine.