There are numerous stages to every relationship and it really is the same when it comes to dating Ukrainian women. There’s the courting stage where you go on casual dates and get to know each other better. Then there’s the romantic stage where you go on extra romantic dates and your relationship ends up being more intimate. And maybe afterwards, you would already like to tie the knot? Nope. When it comes to Ukrainian women, you will need to know the family of the woman first before you can begin planning the wedding.

Most Eastern Europeans value close family ties. This is especially true when you’re dating a Ukrainian woman. Meeting the family is sacred to them and therefore you should prepare well for it and look your best.

Ukrainian Women

It does sound a bit difficult and stressful, especially if you’re not a European yourself, but don’t worry because here are a few tips for you to take into account before meeting the love of your life’s parents.

Tip # 1: Your appearance is important

Ukrainian women like it when their partners wear smart and trendy casual clothes. This is likewise true with their families. Although they may not be distressed when you pair spots and stripes or different colours in one outfit, what they will be more concerned with is if you’re a good enough for their daughter to have in her life. Be sure that you look good, decent, and confident in what you are dressed in. Dress smart, shave, get a haircut, etc.

Tip # 2: Follow the tradition

Giving gifts is an important tradition in Ukraine. One great gift will be a special bouquet of flowers for the mother to win her over. You must recognize that every woman would acknowledge and appreciate such kind of gesture.

You could give her father a bottle of red wine. Her dad will definitely appreciate such a gesture and may even ask you to join him for a few drinks afterwards.

Tip # 3: Provide compliments

Parents always feel proud and happy if others tell them that they did a great job in raising their children or daughter. You should definitely express this politely. Pay their little princess compliments and let them realize why you fell in love with her. This just shows how well you know their daughter and how genuine your intentions and interests are.

Tip # 4: Be admirable

Being charming doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look good physically. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be naturally charming, it’s not hard to learn it.  Just look and feel confident and try to sound intelligent all throughout your lunch/dinner. Don’t be silent, but offer to help instead, ask questions, pay compliments, pay attention to what is being said, interact and so forth. Everybody will love you for it!

As a final point

Lastly, the most important things is to be yourself. Don’t overdo it and don’t try to fake your way into it. If you’re a nice guy with crystal clear intentions, your Ukrainian woman’s parents will observe that and for sure, they will grant you their blessing.

Alex Vidal