What Happens When You Start Showing Up For People

Holding hands

A few months ago, I watched someone I care about succumb to cancer.

He was my wife’s uncle. Even though he lived 1,000 miles away, we made the effort to visit him three times in under two months.

I knew it would cost a lot of money and time. But this was someone who’d welcomed me into his home for years. We’d told personal stories, shared great laughs, and spent holidays together. We made memories that’ll stay with me forever. read more

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3 Mindsets That Make You Better at Sex

Getting into the mindset

Dave Perrotta is a Boston friend and dating coach who embodies the “just do it” mentality. Since he cold emailed me for an interview on his old podcast, I became inspired by his thirst for adventure.

After college, Dave did what most people only dream of. He started living around the world and joined communities of people doing the same thing. He’s hosted podcasts, coaches men, publishes awesome content on his site, and has written three books. read more

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