If you ask a lot of men if they’d want to date or marry a Ukrainian lady, they would most likely answer with a yes. With the prevailing stereotype of Ukraine ladies as extremely hot, it is no wonder that foreign men would seek to find out if the stereotype does represent the truth.

Ukraine ladiesYes, it is possible for you to find and date someone as attractive as Milla Jovovich or Olga Kurylenko. The thing is, not a lot of men look past beyond physical aspect of their attraction.

It is not enough to just say that you want to date or marry a Ukrainian lady and just leave it at that. In any relationship, whether it is from someone from another country or your own, you have to make the effort of knowing what makes these girls unique.

Ukraine ladies versus Russian girls

One thing that a lot of men in online dating sites do that might tick off a Ukrainian woman is to confuse them with Russian girls, thinking that they are the same. They might come from a similar region in the planet but there are some distinctive things that would set one apart from the other.

This is in no way saying that one is better than the other. It’s just better for a guy not to make the mistake of thinking that Ukrainian and Russian is interchangeable. Ukrainians have their own culture and belong to their own ethnicity and being grouped or seen as Russians is a sensitive issue for them.

Spoken languages

That being said, while Ukrainian is the official language of the country, the people have several languages of communication which includes Russian. The prevalent language being used, or more specifically the preferred language of communication, largely depends on the region where a Ukrainian girl comes from. Usually they speak both Russian and Ukrainian, or even both simultaneously.

Other languages spoken in the Ukraine are Crimean, Karaim, and Urum. Taking the effort to know these distinctions will go a long way in impressing a Ukrainian lady especially if you also express interest in learning their language. Couples made up of a Ukrainian woman and a Western man often find teaching each other Ukrainian and English quite fun and challenging.

What you can expect

One of the things that men look forward to for dating or marrying a Ukrainian girl is their dependent and caring quality that they often hear about. They hear stories that girls from Ukraine depend on their partners and defer to them when making decisions. This doesn’t mean though that they don’t have much in terms of being able to decide for themselves or that they are too subservient.

These ladies are smart and often have attained higher education. They just prefer though to let the man be the dominant partner in the relationship. They want the men to take care of them. Perhaps what brought this about is the treatment they get from Slavic men where their men don’t treat them nicely or that their men have a lot of vices.

Short skirts and high heels

Ukraine ladies are often seen wearing colourful clothing, short skirts and high heels. However, don’t take this as a sign of promiscuity or them being loose women. Some people say that this fashion sense is just a reaction to the drab colors and lack of variety in clothing during the previous generation.
Alex Vidal