Are you attracted to a young Russian woman? Or perhaps you have already found yourself dating one? When the initial feelings of amazement and wonder at finding someone young and sexy to date has passed, it is quite understandable if you are left asking yourself on what to do to make this relationship work. While it has become quite common to see younger girls dating men who are more than a decade older than them, it never occurred to you how to go about it until you find yourself in a similar situation. russian woman

Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind if you want to make this special kind of relationship work:

1. Take it slow.

If you are aiming for marriage, it is best to take it slow. Planning for it within the next few months is okay if you are both on the same page in making this big step. However, you have to understand if she wants to stay engaged for much longer. She may have plans to go further in her career if she is working, or she may want to pursue higher education. Being in a relationship calls for compromise from both sides no matter the age difference. Besides, if she is willing, you can still progress your relationship by living together without getting married.

2. Be attentive but don’t smother.

If you are still on the online dating stage, keep in mind that while constant communication is desired, showing stalker behavior is a huge turn off. Thus, refrain from sending a barrage of emails or chatting her up every time you see her online especially if you really have nothing important or pressing to say. This kind of behavior will make you appear clingy and insecure. A temporary absence has its power; it will make her feel how it is to miss you.

3. Act your age.

While she will appreciate that you want to know more about the things that she is into, you don’t have to force yourself to join in the activities currently popular among people in her generation. Act your age or else you will end up portraying a caricature of your younger self. There is a reason why she has chosen to date you and not men her age. Let your actions highlight the qualities that attracted this Russian woman to you in the first place – stability, maturity, a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of experience. Be her mentor especially if she is starting a career in a field where you are an expert in. This will actually be something that you can bond on and will help deepen your relationship.

4. Don’t dwell on your age difference.

When you have transitioned from online dating to meeting face to face and going on dates, it is quite natural for people to notice your age difference. They may not say anything but their non-verbal reactions can be unnerving to you especially if this is the first time for you to be in this kind of relationship with a Russian woman. While your age difference may be the most noticeable aspect of your relationship, don’t let this be its defining factor. Dwelling on this instead of the things you can do to nourish and deepen your relationship with your Russian girlfriend or wife will cause conflict especially if she does not see the age gap as a problem in the first place.

Alex Vidal