So you feel like you want to start dating European women and are now wondering what are they looking for in men. First of all it is clear that there are some things all women want that are not based on the culture they were raised in. There are also some needs that have developed thanks to that. The article at hand describes what the latter are for European women.

So what is it that European ladies are after?

1. They are after a sensitive character.

European womenUnfortunately there are negative words associated with this trait especially when it comes to men. Those words can be: “overly feminine”, “sappy” or even “soft”. What we mean by sensitive is someone who has empathy and takes her feelings into account. More positive words to be associated with “sensitive” are “empathetic” and “understanding”. Doesn’t sound so bad does it?

2. They want someone who can take charge.

Everyone needs a partner that they can rely upon. Especially so when times get tough. You should be able to take charge and make good decisions. European women are strong-willed and capable of making decisions but sometimes it is necessary to lean on someone. You should be assertive but not forceful, you should have rules but not be demanding.

3. They want someone who can provide.

When it comes time to settle down and create a family, these ladies want someone who can provide. You are expected to meet the basic needs of your family, to make them feel secure about the family’s finances. Naturally you aren’t expected to provide absolutely everything. These women do have independence as well – just be there when you are needed.

4. They want respect.

European women want to be themselves, to pursue their dreams and be independent. That doesn’t cancel out having a relationship and a family. It is just how they are. You need to be supportive of whatever they are taking on.


European women are great partners but in orded to date them successfully you need to remember our tips. Follow this list and you will do great. Come back soon for more European dating tips.