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The first step towards marriage is always dating and the majority of Christian dating begins with the hope that the two people will marry each other in the end. Naturally that doesn’t mean they start planning for marriage right after they meet for the first time but it is somewhere at the back of their mind. If you start dating someone without being open to the idea of marriage than you can bet that isn’t Christian dating. We have listed a few of the most important dating mistakes people make in the Christian dating world. We also offer you advice.

Dating Without Having Romance in Mind

This is a very common issue with lots of Christians. They show up for a date but won’t be too interested in being romantically involved with each other. There are certain ethical standards that apply to this particular dating culture and romantic involvement is definitely a part of it.

Only Looking Inside Your Own Circle

We all fall into traps of comfort often. You don’t want to make this mistake with dating. Don’t look for a partner only inside your friends’ or colleague’s circles. Expand your social circle by attending new events. Try something new and get to know as many new people as you can.

Being Friends First

You may think this is a great way to start something but you always run a risk with staying in the friendzone forever. You want to move much faster than that. You can be great acquaintances at first but you don’t want to stay there. Move to the level of romance.

Putting Someone’s Opinion Ahead of Yours

This happens far too often. Your friends or family aren’t into a certain person and they come right out with their thoughts. Their opinion is just that – an opinion and how you yourself feel is the most important thing.

Not Being Yourself

Another mistake lots of people make, not only Christians is trying to impress someone and not being themselves. This leaves the wrong impression, creates false expectations and destroys all trust. There are plenty more to look out for when Christian dating and you may want to do more research on your own. Come back soon for more online dating tips.