Slavic women online

Slavic women are from countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Slovenia and Ukraine (just to name a few). If you’re interested in meeting these ladies online you should know that there are a couple of ways how to approach them and how to interact with them. The ways are naturally influenced by their culture and you need to be aware of them before you begin dating them.

How to interact with Slavic women is a very broad topic but in order to get going we’ll start with 6 questions you should never ask them (they can be seen as offensive):

Question 1. – What’s the secret to your beauty?

Sounds very harmless but it is implying that she puts a ton of effort into looking the way she does. It’s simply rude to bring this up with women and especially the women from that region. They want to maintain the idea that their beauty is natural, even if in reality it takes make up, sometimes even surgery, exercise and so forth.

Question 2. – What were your past relationships like?

There are too many versions of this question. This is basically asking what did you do wrong. No one wants to remember their difficult past relationships. It’s best to not ask anything like this.

Question 3. – How many foreigners have you dated?

Offensive! It’s as if you’re implying she only dates foreign guys. This should be labelled as too personal and you need to focus on letting her be lady-like and not confront her with uncomfortable questions.

Question 4. – What are your political views?

This is a very heated question in that part of the world. There has been a lot of turmoil there very recently. In some places the issues are still going on today and you don’t want to start anything. Women from here take these matters into heart. You may disagree with something and simply offer your opinion and it is seen as very offensive. Foreigners aren’t expected to make assessments on their political situation.

Question 5. – Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?

Sounds like another harmless question. You may mean that you think she’s a catch and someone should have noticed it by now. She will most likely take it the wrong way. It’s as if you’re asking what’s wrong with her or if she’s too picky. Think about it from your perspective – you’re probably on online dating sites looking for specific attributes: fit body, blond hair, nice smile, blue eyes and so on. We’re all a bit picky.

Remember These Tips

These are the 5 No-No questions you should never ask Slavic women online. Try to be respectful even if curiosity is killing you. Come back soon for more online dating tips.