Russian single women

Previously we have tackled what the photos being used by Ukrainian women in their online dating profiles can mean. Black and white photos, kids pictures, too much Instagram, all bikini shots – looked into what could possibly lie behind those photos. But upon checking up some more online profiles, it seems like these are not just common photos being used. And it isn’t done just by Ukrainian women. Russian single women are just as guilty with these not quite truthful photographic representations of themselves.

Let’s look into an additional list of common online profile photos being used by Ukrainian, Russian, or just about any woman in their online dating profiles.

She’s always in makeup.

Yes, it is understandable for a girl to be in make up for her online dating photos. For those who are completely clueless on makeup, these are used to hopefully enhance a girl’s features to make her look more attractive. The photo is on an online dating profile after all and who wouldn’t want to look attractive, right? The thing is, some girls just go overboard with the makeup, making you wonder what she would really look like. If you feel an attraction and want to know her better but the amount of makeup being slathered on her face is a turnoff, you can request for a photo with no makeup on.

All photos are taken when traveling.

Most Russian single women like to travel just like any other average girl, and some photos of these travels often find their way into her online dating profile. If all her photos are taken during travel, with none of her where she says she currently lives, this can raise some questions. It’s understandable if her job calls for travelling most of the time. But what if her declared income does not match the lifestyle being portrayed by her photos?

She has photos showing her with another guy.

This one can really be baffling for anyone. Most people who would encounter this dating profile photo will agree that photos with someone of the opposite sex are counterproductive. Aside from that, it would seem like the girl is trying to send a message. It doesn’t matter if the other guy is her brother (people wouldn’t know at first glance) and definitely it begs one to wonder if the guy is her ex, photos of her with another guy doesn’t quite seem right. Stay away for sure if all her photos are with that one same guy. No matter how attractive she is, it’s not worth the added drama in your life. You’ve signed up for online dating to find a partner and not drama, remember.

The profile photo is of a pet.

Although not as prevalent as the others, there are indeed some Russian single women who post photos of their pet on their profiles. She loves her pet, yes. Okay, it’s understandable if she has a photo of herself holding her pet cat or dog or parakeet. But if the main photo is just of the pet, with her nowhere in the picture, you would definitely wonder if she’s for real.

Just as you have examined your profile photos and made sure just to post the ones that will put you in a positive light, it is understandable to expect that the ladies would do the same.
Alex Vidal