people-cheatCheating is the number one cause of the breakdown of any relationship and is probably the most dreaded thing that anyone would dream of happening to them. The fear of a partner cheating and all the trust and jealousy issues that arise because of it is another main reason why relationships falter. So why do people do it? What causes people to put so much time and emotional effort into a monogamous relationship, only for them to throw it away for an affair or one-time dalliance? Here we will look at three of the most common factors that can cause a partner to stray.

Unfinished Business

A large percentage of unfaithful partners tend to cheat with an ex-lover or spouse. The reason being that often at the end of a relationship there can be a lot of unresolved issues and matters that mean that either or both parties have not fully resolved themselves to the relationship ending. Having a new partner is not always enough to make these feelings go away, and this is why some people end up in the arms of their ex.


If someone has been cheated on in the past, they are more likely to cheat on a partner in the future. You would think that being hurt before would mean they would never knowingly risk inflicting that sort of pain on someone else, but this is often the reason why they do it. People are often so convinced they will be cheated on again and hurt like before, that they never fully emotionally invest in a relationship and will often cheat to preempt what they believe their partner will do to them in the future.

Underlying Issues With the Relationship

That is by far the most common reason why people cheat, and it is also one of the hardest to avoid. Every relationship has its problems, and if these issues are not dealt with and are instead ignored and pushed to one side, that is when infidelities can occur. Quite often one party will look elsewhere for the things that are wrong or missing from their other relationship. Things like lack of intimacy or affection, lack of excitement, or issues with communication can all lead to an individual seeking comfort elsewhere.

While none of these points justifies the emotional and physical betrayal of being unfaithful, it shows that quite often, the reasons behind it are all too human. It shows the importance of working at a relationship, talking with your partner about their feelings and fears and never, ever becoming complacent.