In the dating world, especially in international online dating, there are a lot of stereotypes and biases that are floating around. One such stereotype is that if a guy dates and marries a woman from Russia, especially a woman who is significantly younger than him, she is called a “mail order bride”.

This is such a common misconception that for some people they abandon their initial interest in Russian ladies because of the sordid connotations of that label.

However, if you really wanted to date someone from Russia but held back because of not wanting to be one of those people who are involved in the mail order bride business, then you must know that you are missing out on a lot.

When you avoid Russian dating online because of this, you miss out on finding out for yourself what makes Russian women very desirable girlfriends or wives.

Russian girls are oozing with a lot of good qualities. Of course the initial things men notice are the physical characteristics such as their well-proportioned bodies, their well-shaped mouths, tiny noses, sultry eyes, and radiant skin.

Women from Russia are definitely more than a sum of their looks as they have other desirable qualities that should be celebrated as well. Most of these girls who are members of international online dating sites are well-educated, smart, and friendly.

While some of these women may not have perfect English yet, they speak other European languages aside from Russian.

There is also an ongoing although not entirely unjustified perception that the Russian girls you find in these sites are illiterate and helpless young ladies desperate to leave the country or a life in the countryside, waiting for a Prince Charming from the West to whisk them off to a good life abroad.

While these types of girls make up a percentage of the women that you encounter in online Russian dating sites, they do not make up the majority. Once you spend some time getting to know other members, you will find a diverse mix of women to choose from as a potential girlfriend or wife.

If you are looking for someone who is free-spirited and independent, you will find out that a lot of Russian women have such qualities.

On the other hand, if you want a partner who prefers to submit to your preferences and wants you to make the major decisions during your marriage life, it won’t be that hard to find such kind of woman as well.

When you become as familiar with Russian dating sites as you have been with your regular dating sites in your country, you will note that these are just like any other international dating sites.

All the things that you hear about online dating with Russian ladies, whether good or bad, are also the same things that you hear about from Asian or American dating sites. Girls pretending they like you but scam you in the end? Not exclusive to Russian dating. Girls who disappear after you thought that you have connected? Again, not exclusive to the Russians.

Unexpectedly finding love thru online dating? Not just with the Russian sites. But then, if you are more attracted to Russian beauties, then by all means, go for it. Just like in any other dating site, know the risks and listen to your common sense.
Alex Vidal