When it comes to dating, there are many different stages to every relationship and it certainly is true with women in the Ukraine. You begin with the “learning more about each other” phase. Then you will progress to the romantic stage where your relationship becomes more serious and intimate. Then perhaps, after that stage you would like to get engaged and finally married, right? No, it’s not as simple as that. You would first have to meet the family of your sweetheart before you can even start planning your wedding, a tradition of all Ukrainian families.

Most women from Eastern Europe value their families more than anything else, so it’s important to them that you make an extra effort and take time to know their families well. This is even more true among women in the Ukraine. Meeting the family is sacred to them and therefore you should prepare for it well and look your best. Listed below are a few vital things to consider when planning a date with the love of your life and her family members:

Women in the Ukraine

Tip # 1: Look Nice

Ukrainian women like to suit up smart and wear stylish and casual clothes. The same opts for their parents. They may not pay much attention to what you are wearing though, because they are more concerned with whether you’re a good match for their daughter or not. Make sure that you look great, smart, and decent on your attire. Get a haircut if required.

Tip # 2: Follow the tradition

Presenting of gifts is a tradition in Ukraine. One excellent gift idea for her mother is a bouquet of flowers. It’s a very nice gesture and you must admit that any woman will value a nice bunch of flowers any day of the week. You may also give her father a bottle of wine. Her dad will absolutely enjoy this gesture and may even ask you to join him for a handful of drinks later on.

Tip # 3: Give compliments

Any mom and dad would be flattered if you let them know how well they raised their children. You should share this pleasantly when you meet them for the first time. Pay their little girl compliments and let them know why you really fell for her. This shows that you know their daughter well enough and that your interest in her is genuine.

Tip # 4: Work on your natural charm

Don’t worry if you don’t have natural charm because all you have to do to be charming is be fascinated with other people. It is really easy. Just feel and look confident and talk smartly all throughout your date. Never be quiet, but provide compliments, share stories, offer help, etc. If you can do that, they will absolutely love you.


One last thing before you go the most important meal (or lunch) of your life: be honest and sincere. You don’t need to make things extravagant. If you are able to show them how genuine you are, then you will be loved and blessed.