Writing to Ukrainian Women

You have been writing to Ukrainian women on the dating site, but you haven’t received replies to your letters. In order for your letters to be effective, they should be individualized, honest and interesting. Your letter should reflect your intentions and best qualities.

Individualize Your Letters

Do not choose to write to women on the website based on looks alone. Ukrainian girls take great pride in their appearance so they will be carefully made-up and have possibly Photoshopped their picture. Choose suitable women based on age and interests which match yours.

Do not send a generic letter to women whose profile appeals to you when writing to Ukrainian women. All the women on the dating site are different with varying interests, ambitions and lifestyles. You should acknowledge this in your letter. For example, if a woman mentions that she likes skiing, you might write about your last skiing trip. If she mentions the importance of family, tell her a little bit about yours.

Do not spend your whole letter telling a woman how beautiful she is in her profile picture. It will seem that you are shallow and merely want to base a relationship on looks rather than compatibility. Ukrainian women like to be flattered but rather than focusing on physical features, compliment her hairstyle or taste in clothes. Comments such as “I like your slim figure” or “You have beautiful eyes” are too personal and confronting, especially in introductory letters.

Be Genuine

The women you write to will receive dozens of letters from other men. They will quickly be able to gauge whether or not you are telling the truth. Being boastful or condescending wouldn’t appeal to women in the west, nor will it appeal to Ukrainian women. If you work hard, enjoy your job and lead a comfortable, average lifestyle, let her know.

You should also focus on your best qualities. Maybe you believe in sharing household duties. Maybe you enjoy taking your partner to the beach. Let the women know a little about your real lifestyle and personality.

Make it Interesting

Most men will write very basic introductory letters. Make yours stand out by adding more detail. Instead of saying “I like going to the beach”, you might write “I like taking my sweetheart to the beach for a picnic. I also like it when we swim in the waves and throw a Frisbee.” This will give women an idea about your lifestyle and the type of partner you are looking for.

Keep it Simple

Most of the women you write to won’t be native English speakers. Keep your sentences and vocabulary quite simple until you have a chance to learn a woman’s language level. Women with low English levels are likely to use a translator when reading your letters. Make sure there is no basis for misunderstanding.

By following this advice, you should have replies to your letters in no time. Make sure you continue to be genuine and open in your follow-up letters with the lovely women on the website.