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At this moment there are literally thousands of women on Russian dating sites that you can hook up with. If you think about it, the sheer size of this possibility can be overwhelming that you might be stumped for a while, unsure of where to start. This is of particular concern especially if you are using online dating to look for a lifetime partner. If you would contact or chat with just about anyone, you will be wasting your time talking to people that you’d find later on to be not compatible with you.

Find Your Way Through Russian Dating Sites

The key here then is to narrow down the possibilities so you can focus your attention more in getting to know the women who matter. Here are some practical ways to weed out the women who are not relevant to you so that you can find your dream person faster. It’s really not rocket science, just practical advice that you can apply right away as soon as you finish reading this article.

Know thyself.

As with a lot of important things, discerning what you want starts with knowing what you are. In this case, you have to know what kind of boyfriend you are or the kind of husband you plan to be. Are you the romantic type or the one who believes that action speaks louder than words? Do you want to have children right away or do you want undivided attention from your wife during your married life? Decide what aspects of being in a relationship are non-negotiable and which ones can be compromised with. The non-negotiables are very important, especially if you find yourself physically attracted to someone but does not share the same views or values as you. It is only when you are clear on these things that you will be able to identify the women who are on the same page as you.

Read profiles thoroughly and read between the lines.

Don’t let your decisions be determined purely by how attractive a girl’s photos are. The photos are just one part of the whole profile of the ladies in Russian dating sites. Read everything written on the profile and learn to read between the lines as well. Does the image she projects with her words match the photos in her profile? Is she consistent all throughout with what she said or do you find some descriptions contradicting other things that she posted? As a grown man, you should know by now that not everything written down is 100% accurate. Avoid girls who say a lot of things just to impress potential husbands but do not really mean what they say.

Ask the right questions.

Figuring out compatibility doesn’t end after you have chosen one or several girls to start a correspondence with. Be sincerely curious in wanting to know more about them. Doing this will be mutually beneficial because by asking the right questions, you will have an indication if you and a woman will have a good future together. So what are these right questions to ask the women you meet in Russian dating sites? At the very least, ask her what her daily life is like so you will know what activities and hobbies she spends most of her time with. Her answers do not have to perfectly match yours for you to be compatible, but it has to be acceptable to you and be something you can live with.

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