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There is nothing that women in the Ukraine appreciate more than a guy who is sincerely interested in them and their culture. It may seem like basic education, but many guys on international dating sites don’t know anything about life in the former Soviet Union. Below is a list of best ways for learning more about your darling’s nation.

Learn facts about history and geography

If you’re dating a Ukrainian woman, knowing the largest cities, landmarks and most important events of their history is beneficial. Specific attention should be paid to the district your partner is from. If you are not sure where to begin, start by browsing articles on Wikipedia. You don’t have to know everything about Ukraine, but knowing more than an average guy does will definitely impress your lady and offer you a far better insight into her mind.

Learn her language

Learning the most important phrases and sentences in Ukrainian isn’t merely endearing, it is also valuable for your own personal development. It will definitely help your communication on chat rooms and will be very valuable when you travel to Europe to meet your lady in person. Even if your relationship doesn’t work out, you’ll still have this unique ability which could benefit you in the future.

Learn things about her culture

Experiencing new things and getting to know things like your partner’s traditional foods, most important holidays, and so on is one of the best things about international relationships. Ask your partner how she celebrates significant holidays at home, what kind of foods she enjoys and what traditions are most dear to her. You could also visit special Ukrainian culture events in your local area and read books about Europe.

Know the national stereotypes

You shouldn’t take the typical stereotypes about your lady’s culture seriously. Most women in the Ukraine will be hurt if their partner recites unfair facts like true stories. Here is a list of typical but not true stereotypes about Ukrainian ladies:

  • All Ukrainian women on dating websites are gold-diggers who only care about money
  • Women in the Ukraine are poor and can’t wait to be saved from their miserable life
  • All dating websites pay women to chat with men
  • All Ukrainians are communists

Obviously, there are people who have their part in creating these stereotypes, but they definitely do not apply to all girls from Ukraine. If you would like to know more about your lady’s culture, you shouldn’t let these stereotypes bother you.

Make an effort to learn more about your love interest’s country and culture if you truly want to impress her. Being able to speak basic Ukrainian and knowing things about geography and history are a fantastic way to accomplish this. Not only will it advantage you personally, you will also impress your future wife and what could be better than that?