When it comes to Euro-Russian relationships and international online dating, Western men have to work hard to get the attention of a Russian woman and keep her interested for longer. Read our guide below on what you can do to ensure you attract the consideration of as many women as you can.

1. Choosing the right profile image

Russian women seem to be more attracted to men who are cheerful, confident and happy. Perhaps you are wondering how you can show yourself from the best side without saying anything? It’s pretty simple! Upload images of yourself that show you relaxing, smiling and having a fantastic time with your friends. Some male users on Russian dating sites try to play it up with their profile photos and try to appear sexy or interesting.  Some women may find this attractive, but most will tell you that images of men laughing or smiling sincerely impress them the most. Keep in mind that your image is the first thing anyone sees when coming across your full profile, so make sure you choose a charming one.

Euro-Russian relationships

2. Leave a good impression with your profile information

If your happy profile picture has worked like a charm, a woman will then proceed to check out your complete profile. This can be your one and only chance to make her curious and make her want to know more about you. It really is quite important to look and sound optimistic. You shouldn’t mention any negative things in your profile section. Things like your doubts about finding a suitable lady on the dating site, prior dating disappointments, issues with scams, and so on should not be mentioned on your profile. Although it’s perfectly ok to possess such feelings, your profile is not the best location to discuss them. Think of you dating site profile as an individual advertisement. Have you ever seen an enterprise introducing their doubts about their products or services in newspapers?

3. Keep your conversations light in the beginning

After seeing your great profile photo and being content with your information, a woman interested in a Euro-Russian relationship will then send you a message introducing herself. When you set up a date for chatting, remember to be positive. This is especially important in the beginning of the relationship. Try not to complain about the costs of Euro and Russian dating sites, don’t treat your chat partner like she’s trying to scam you and steer clear of dark topics like death, politics or religion. Naturally, you can have an opinion about such matters, but you should keep the atmosphere light in the beginning of your friendships when you’re just getting to know each other. If all goes well, you will have plenty of time to discuss these things.

Generally speaking, the best strategy for attracting the interest and attention of a Russian lady is staying positive and happy. Although isn’t usually simple, an optimistic and light attitude can go a long way in winning a woman’s heart.

Alex Vidal