Russian personals

Usually in dating, a lot of men would get frustrated because girls can be so contradictory. It is true – girls either take too long to make up their minds or change their minds a lot. With online dating, a lot of guesswork has actually been eliminated. For example, if you are currently a member of Russian online dating sites or thinking of paying for a Russian dating service, you just have to read the Russian personals or profiles carefully.

If you notice, women are actually more forthcoming when it comes to their online profiles. If you browse through the Russian personals of Russian women, you will notice that they tell you a lot about themselves. Just by reading her profile, you will know what she wants, what her work is, and other details that can give you an idea on how to win her over.

On the other hand though, a common complaint of guys is that when they finally meet the girl in person, it would seem that the girl is a complete opposite of their profiles. (Well, girls also have the same complaints about boys they meet online.) While majority of women describe in their profiles how they are and what they want from a guy, what some women actually write are an ideal version of themselves and what they think they should want from a guy.

How do you make sure that you end up with a girl from the former and not the latter category? The obvious answer to this would be to learn how to decode Russian personals or profiles. It isn’t that difficult actually as there are some general clues of a girl’s real personality that you can decipher on how her profile looks like.

The profile name

You can start by observing what she uses as her profile name. Generally speaking, girls who use their first names as their profile names may have a tendency to be ordinary. On the other hand though, the chances of her having something to hide are pretty low. If you want somebody with a bit more personality, seek out girls whose profile names are a mix of their first name and their interests or hobbies. Profiles that are too descriptive though may indicate somebody who is too intense or wants too much attention. First names coupled with the word “sexy” in a mix of lower and upper cases of the alphabet (e.g., seXXXy or SEXxxy) may indicate that the girl may be too slutty for you or it could also be a scammer’s profile.

The profile photo

More than the profile name, the choice of photo for the profile will tell you volumes of either how the girl wants to be seen or how she is. It could also be both. Formal posed photos can mean she wants to be taken seriously. If she looks away from the camera, she might be hiding some facial feature by posing at this angle. If she uses a goofy picture, it could mean that she is comfortable with herself and her looks, which are signs of healthy self-confidence. Try to look out for signs of photo manipulation as girls do this for a variety of reasons like to look slimmer, make their cleavage more emphasized, or brush out pimples and wrinkles. Using lingerie or bikini shots, which are common in Russian personals, can mean that she’s either sexually adventurous or just wants to make you think that she is.
Alex Vidal