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If there’s one thing that men who are looking for Russian girlfriends or brides will notice right away is that there are hundreds of sites where meeting them are possible. In fact the sheer number of choices can be quite overwhelming if you are totally new at this online matchmaking thing. For starters, these dating sites fall under two categories: the subscription sites and the free Russian dating sites.

If given a choice between something that they have to pay for and something that is free, most people will choose the one which they do not have to pay for. This generalization also applies to dating sites that specialize in Russian women. Basically the main thing that can drive men away from signing up with subscription sites is the monthly subscription fee. Knowing that it is quite uncertain how long before you can find a woman that you like, coupled with not knowing for sure how long you and your Russian girl will be corresponding through the site, the indefinite number of months that you will be paying that subscription fee can indeed be a deterrent.

With this in mind, people will definitely go and sign up at free Russian dating sites where there is no apparent cost. However, there is a reason why the saying about free lunches and their non-existence exists. Here are some of the “hidden costs” so to speak when it comes to the free sites.

Fake profiles

Generally speaking, you will encounter more fake profiles with the free sites compared to the paid for ones. Both websites exist as a business, which means they are out to earn money. Sites that don’t charge a membership or subscription fee will often earn via ads. Thus, it is beneficial for them to have as many members as possible. This means that members in the free sites, most probably don’t undergo any screening, which explains why there are more profiles where users pretend to be Russian girls looking for a husband when the reality is far from that. In sites that charge monthly subscriptions, they often conduct background checks to see if the girl is for real, and if the contact information listed in her profile is correct.

Hidden fees and charges

Sometimes, free Russian dating sites are not really free at all. Oftentimes, a site will advertise that their services are for free but after signing up, you will find out that what they say is often misleading advertising. In most cases, when they say free, what they really mean is that signing up is free. Once you are a member, you will find out that there is a corresponding price tag to their services. For example, to see all the details of a girl’s profile, you have to pay. Same goes if you want to send her a message. And so on. So before you sign up, find out first if the site and all its services is really for free or if the “free” just refers to signing up for membership.

In the end, it is really a judgment call if you want to try out the free Russian dating sites instead of the subscription sites. But if you are in a hurry to find someone, you better take your chances with the sites that charge membership fees.